Care Training and Development

Care Worker Induction Training Programme

As a new member of the Care2Connect Team you can look forward to a dedicated Home Care Worker Training programme that will provide you will all the knowledge you need to become a Care2Connect Care Worker.

You will be enrolled in a comprehensive 3 ½ day course run by one of our industry leading trainers. We believe that you learn best when you are working with others so you will be part of a small group of new staff and existing staff who are updating their knowledge. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to get to know your colleagues and the company before you take your first steps into the community.

We have found that our practical hands on approach to training has helped us achieve fantastic results that have benefited staff and customers alike.

During this first week you can look to complete the following:

Getting started in the Community

Once you have completed your initial training programme you will then undertake a personalised period of shadowing. This is when you will undertake your first duties as a Care2Connect Care Worker in the community. During this time, you will be working on a 1:1 basis with an experienced care worker in your designated geographical area. They will be introducing you to your new customers and guide you through the everyday duties and responsibilities of your new role.

We believe that every care worker learns differently, so there is no set time frame on shadowing. We will review your progress daily and ensure you have all the support you require whilst you learn and the develop the practical skills required to be a Care Worker.

Care Certificate

Any member of team that is new to care will also undertake their “Care Certificate” qualification. The Care Certificate is an agreed set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sector.

If you wish to continue your professional development beyond the care certificate and our own in-house training, we will happily support you with a range of officially recognised qualifications. Existing Care2Connect care workers have studied:

Diplomas in Health and Social Care

Enhanced Training

Being a care worker is not just a job, it is a vocation and when delivered well, can be the most rewarding role in the world. For some it can also become a lifelong career. Our own management team and senior leaders have spent most of their working lives in care. We welcome the opportunity to support you in your personal development, whatever your long-term goals.