Types of Care

What types of care can Care2Connect provide?

Every one of our clients enjoys a unique and individualised care package which meets their specific needs. Whilst many of our calls are similar, there are rarely two that are identical. However, we tend to find that the initial requirement for homecare is driven by one of the following:

  • Personal Care – As a result of illness, injury or infirmity, supporting an individual with the things they would typically do for themselves
  • Social Care – Supporting people in maintaining their personal liberty and combatting loneliness
  • Domestic Care – Creating a clean, safe and relaxed environment for people within which to maintain their independence
  • Respite Care – Caring for the carers, giving the primary carer that all important break
  • Holiday and Temporary care – Care outside of the home, whether you are visiting West Sussex, of your need support during time away from home