Choosing Homecare For Your Parents

There comes a point in many lives whereby the roles reverse and despite your parents having cared and nurtured you for so long, you either become the carer to or have to think about finding care for them.

Choosing and arranging that care can be difficult. Finding the right people and care package for your closest family members is not necessarily an easy or straightforward process, especially if you haven’t had to think about it before.

If you’re at the point of sourcing care, or even just having those early discussions, your head will probably be full of questions.  Where do I start? What financial support is there? What does homecare look like? You’re not alone. Each year we help dozens of families plan and set up homecare provision for their parents. In some cases, the ‘children’ live an extended distance from their parents, even overseas, and so we act as their local connection to quality care.

Where do I start finding homecare for my parents?

We believe there are seven steps to continued, quality care provision. Whilst different people will enter the process at different stages, subject to their own personal circumstances, visualising it as a cyclical, ongoing process is the best way of ensuring that we are continually delivering the right care, in the right way.

Our dedicated team can help you wherever you join the process, providing advice, support and guidance. We work closely with the local authority, in our case West Sussex, and will happily make any introductions necessary.

How quickly can a care package be put in place for my parents?

Whether you visit your parents regularly or, because of the pandemic, those visits have been a little less frequent, you may be noticing the signs of them struggling a little more than usual. Decline in health or their physical environment may not be significant at first and could just manifest as extra effort required to rise from a chair or issues with cleanliness. But the simple fact is if you’re beginning to think about arranging some help, then the time is right and it’s best to have something in place before it becomes any more urgent.

It may be that the initial care package is relatively basic but helps your parents to become accustomed to receiving some support. Using the illustrated cycle above, it can always be reviewed and increased in the future as necessary.  In exceptional circumstances, a care package can be set up and in place within 24-48 hours. However, in the majority of cases, we find that a slightly gentler pace helps to create a care package that meets with all round approval and allows a phased introduction and familiarisation – so typically a week to 10 days from initial enquiry.

How involved can I be with my parents’ homecare?

Our care focused IT systems ensure everyone involved in the delivery and receipt of care has a clear and current picture of the care package. Our care teams use the system to plan and notify visits and make relevant notes during each call, which can then be viewed and responded to by families using the app. It provides an incredibly valuable communication tool between us as the care provider, your parents and relevant family members. The app can also be used to share important information, care updates and handle additional requests quickly and easily. So, whether you’re just around the corner, or on the other side of the world, you can stay up to date and as involved as you wish.

Still have questions about sourcing homecare for your parents?

Undoubtedly, you will have many more questions, specific to your parents circumstances. So why not give us a call and chat it through with one of our friendly and experienced team members today. We’ll do our very best to help you and guide you and your loved ones through the process.