Homecare FAQs

Whether you are seeking care for yourself or a loved one, you may have questions about care. We are regularly asked a range of questions about care such as:

To help at what can be a stressful time, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions about care. We have tried to answer all of your queries here but we know that everyone’s personal circumstances are entirely unique. If you cannot find the answer to your specific questions here or your would simply like more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01903 264089

Please be aware that these questions relate solely to the provision of care in West Sussex and each local authority will have different processes and policies around funding

I live out in the countryside; Will I have to pay something for staff travel time and costs?

No, at the moment our charges are the same wherever you live in our catchment area. Any changes in rates and charges are always carefully assessed and communicated with plenty of notice.  

How can I find out if I can get help with paying for my care?

The first point of call is West Sussex Social Services. West Sussex County Council (WSCC) can arrange for an assessment to establish whether you have care needs in accordance with their criteria and, if so, whether you are entitled to financial assistance to cover (or contribute to) the costs involved.  

This page may also help you understand a little more about care costs and funding.

What do I do if I don’t like one of the people who visits me?

All our staff are carefully interviewed, screened and trained, and we pride ourselves on providing a happy, kind and considerate service to all of our customers. If there is a particular person who you don’t get along with as well, we will make every effort to reallocate work within the team. If you ever have any problems with your care worker, and don’t feel happy about the service you receive please let us know so that we can addresses any issues quickly.  

What do I do if I have a problem when the office is closed?

We always have a senior member of staff “on call” so you will need to simply dial the office number which diverts to our out-of-hours service. 

Will my care worker always be on time?

Your care worker will arrive within 15 minutes of the time allocated to you. If for any reason they are going to be later (for example if they had to deal with an unplanned event at an earlier call) you will receive a telephone call to confirm the expected time of arrival.  

Will I always get the same carer?

A small team will be introduced to you to ensure a good level of cover for holidays, sickness, weekends and so on.  Wherever possible, your visit will be carried out by a member of your usual team to help you feel happy and secure.  

Can I arrange care for my parent?

In today’s upwardly mobile world, we regularly receive calls from ‘children’ worried about their parents because they live far away and would like to organise for some support for mum and/or dad. This is absolutely possible. We can not only deliver the right level of care (often at short notice) but also provide you with guidance on seeking funding (where relevant) from the local authority. Please contact the office today to find out more.

How much is private homecare?

The cost of homecare will depend on a number of factors such as the type of care required, the frequency of visits and also whether you are able to claim any support from your local authority. If you would like more information on prices or to know how to go about organising home care for yourself or a loved one, please contact us today.

This page may also help you understand a little more about care costs and funding.