Computers and Care

We have always been a company keen to embrace the efficiencies offered through the use of technology and as a result we have recently undertaken a significant project to substantially upgrade the intenral IT that supports our care management systems.

The new software we have introduced will not only allow us to improve our scheduling and the way we communicate with both staff and customers, but it will also enhance the way we record what has actually happened – such as times of visits and details of the care provided. 

As a result, all our staff can now log in and out of their visits and record any useful notes using a handy app, accessed via mobile devices.  The new system offers many benefits for our business, staff, customers and their families. In particular use of the new application will:

  • Substantially reduce the amount of paper we consume
  • Improve lines of communication between the office, our care teams, customers and their families
  • Reduce the amount of manual, written reporting required by our care workers to almost nil
  • Provide near instant updates on calls and visits – visible by the office, customers and their families
  • Keep an accurate and timely record of medication, time of visits, next planned visit and any notes made by our team

Customers and their families can download and sign up for the customer side application for free, allowing them to see planned visits and what has been done whenever they want. For more details, please contact the main office.