Social Care

Combatting loneliness and maintaining personal liberty

Social care is one of the most valuable forms of care we deliver. Combatting loneliness and helping people to maintain their personal liberty is incredibly rewarding and is increasingly being linked to the prevention of several other conditions. Half-an-hour-a-day or a few hours a week is all it takes to avoid isolation or simply help somebody continue to live independently.

Spontaneity and ‘going with the flow’

Popping to the shops, attending social gatherings, fulfilling appointments or getting out of the house and enjoying a change of scene can change the course of a day or even an entire week. We know that our role is to support people in maintaining their independence and so as well as being one of the most valuable forms of care, social care can also be one of the most flexible forms of care we provide with two visits rarely the same. Offering spontaneity and ‘going with the flow’ helps to avoid the stigma sometimes associated with receiving care and can result in it being perceived as support, rather than care.

Social care is typically booked in one-hour blocks but if managed through the local authority, we can sometimes apply for ad-hoc additional time to cover bigger trips or days out. We’ve had some interesting requests for how to use social care time over the years and we will always do our best to support those, where it means the individual can continue to live a normal life.

For further information on our care services please contact our head office on 01903 264089 or email

Case Study: Mrs H

Mrs H was referred to Care2Connect by West Sussex County Council for social care support. Still mobile and able to look after herself, Mrs H needed some company and help running errands. With family some distance away and only a few elderly friends, Mrs H enjoys the interaction our care team provides. When the local authority first asked us to help her, the care package proposed two visits, one in the morning and the other around lunchtime. However, it soon became clear that Mrs H was still independent and did not need help with personal care and getting ready in the morning.

So, following a further assessment and in partnership with Mrs H and the local authority we adjusted the care package to consolidate the hours to the latter part of the morning. Today, our time is used helping Mrs H get to appointments, shopping or sometimes just heading to a garden centre for a cup of tea! Recently Mrs H asked our member of staff to take her to Margate for the day! Given the time available we were able to settle for fish and chips at the beach which, as it turned out, was what she really wanted!