Personal Care

Case Study: Mrs H

Mrs H has quite a complex personal care package that requires our care team to visit her every day of the week and up to four times each day. Living in a bungalow which has undergone some adaptation, Mrs H has always been keen to stay at home with her husband, rather than move into residential care. However, as a result of being bed bound she requires help with nearly all aspects of her daily routine.

Each of our calls is staffed by two of our most experienced care workers, something we call ‘doubling up’, because Mrs H’s care requires the use of a hoist when performing personal hygiene. We also administer all of her medication, recording it on our system so that her family, who live overseas, can keep track of her care via the app. They also like to know how much both their parents are eating and drinking so we keep them informed on this too via the notes. We call morning and evening to help with wake up and bedtime routines and then visit twice during the day. Mr H still manages meals and refreshments so our time is focussed on ensuring Mrs H remains clean and comfortable in her home.

Personal care delivered correctly can become a very positive experience

Maintaining one’s dignity and personal appearance can often be one of the hardest aspects to manage as a result of ageing, infirmity or illness. Letting somebody into our personal space to help us with everything we would typically do for ourselves can be hard to come to terms with. Understanding this from a human perspective and showing empathy and sensitivity in delivering personal care is what we expect from all our care workers. It is a very personal matter and if delivered correctly, with the right amount of support, it can quickly become a very positive experience and help someone regain independence and pride.

Those daily, routine tasks we tend to take for granted

Personal care includes all those daily, routine tasks we tend to take for granted; from getting dressed and maintaining oral hygiene to bathing and taking medication. Personal care packages are often the most individual of all the services we provide and the care team will be chosen to meet the specific needs identified in the care plan. Typical calls range from 30 minutes to a couple of hours and it may be that the time is split across two calls, morning and evening. There will always be at least two people per call where there are complex medical needs or hoists involved and our care workers all have appropriate training in managing matters such as changing catheters and stoma care.

A welcome smile and a cup of tea

Aside from the practical elements of personal care, our team know the value that a welcome smile, a cup of tea or that added support can bring and the positive impact it can have at the beginning or end of someone’s day.

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