Holiday and Temporary Care

Case Study: The Holiday of a Lifetime for Jean

We had been looking after Jean for several years when her daughter approached us to see if we could support her and her mum on a holiday of a lifetime cruise. It was quite an unusual request and whilst we had supported families during short trips within the UK, up to that point we had not gone overseas.

Jean was a regular wheelchair user and needed help with personal care during the 10-day cruise. Following much discussion between Jean, her daughter, our care services manager, Julie, and the cruise company, we were able to come up with a fully risk assessed care plan that meant Jean got to go on her cruise. Two of our care team accompanied Jean and her daughter on the cruise, maintaining a subtle level of care so that Jean was able to enjoy every aspect of her time away. When they all arrived back in Southampton, everyone, Jean and our care workers included, agreed that it had been an emotionally fulfilling trip. We are proud to have helped make this happen for Jean and her daughter. You cannot put a price on that time.

Maintaining independence with illness, injury or infirmity may involve a wish to continue enjoying regular holidays, making a special trip to a family celebration or simply have an extended period (a day or more) away from home. Concern about how to manage care needs during this period can put some people off. At Care2Connect we understand how important these short trips or special holidays can be. They may be a lifetime in the planning or even an important goal on the road to recovery and so we are here to support you in making that trip happen.

Holiday Care in the UK and Overseas

We provide a range of care support to families visiting West Sussex, without their normal carers close by, and to our regular clients requiring support outside of the normal setting. Over the years we have helped many families to enjoy holidays ranging in time from a couple of days to two weeks both here in the UK and overseas. 

Accessible Travel

Locally in West Sussex, we have built up a wealth of contacts that we can call upon to help deliver that perfect time away, including wheelchair friendly taxi firms, adaptive hotels and accessible attractions. This network means that we can support every aspect of your planning and helps us pull together tried and tested care plans, helping to remove any hurdles along the way.

Like all our other care services our holiday and temporary care is entirely flexible, and we will put together a recommendation based on each unique scenario. From 30 minutes to round the clock cover, we are here to make each holiday or visit relaxing and enjoyable.

Case Study: Visiting West Sussex – Mr and Mrs Waters

Mr and Mrs Waters contacted us within hours of receiving an invitation to a family wedding taking place in Worthing, West Sussex. They advised our care team that they would like to attend the wedding, some 100 miles away from home, but in order to do so, they were going to need to arrange some care for Mr Waters, who had Multiple Sclerosis. They were desperate to attend the wedding of their beloved niece but knew they would be without the support of their usual care team at home. Having confirmed that we could help them we were also able to recommend an adaptive hotel nearby that we knew would be able to cater for their needs.

Mr Waters regular care team contacted us with his care plan and after several conversations we met the Waters on Friday afternoon when they arrived in West Sussex. Over the next 48 hours we helped Mr Waters in and out of bed each day and managed his personal care needs. We also helped him get ready for the big day giving Mrs Waters that all important ‘me time’ too. The Waters had an amazing time at the wedding, and we received a very special note of thanks from the entire family for helping make their wish come true.

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