Domestic Care

Case Study: The Hopkirks’

Mr and Mrs Hopkirk are an elderly couple that have enjoyed good health that has allowed them to stay at home with virtually no support. However, as time has progressed, they have become less mobile and consequently are less able to manage the day-to-day housekeeping of their family home. Spending more time at home but unable to maintain it to their usual high standard of cleanliness, was becoming frustrating, so they asked us to help.

As well as requiring some general help with cooking, cleaning and laundry, their little dog Mia was prone to the odd accident on the carpet but neither could clean it up. Our domestic care team now visit the house on a regular basis, helping with whatever chores need attention. Both the Hopkirks enjoy cooking but we help them with bigger tasks such as batch cooking. They still manage some of the lighter housework, but we handle the vacuuming and dealing with any clean up from Mia, their long-term canine companion.

Helping to maintain usual comfortable standards

The ability to retain one’s independence and stay at home can be of great comfort and can help to avoid calling on health services or uprooting and moving away from the family home. But this positive impact can quickly come undone if the usual standards of maintenance and cleanliness are not upheld as a result of limited mobility or incapacity. Frustration can lead to over exertion or develop into an unnecessary sense of powerlessness.

The practicalities of remaining independent at home

One of the most frequent concerns we hear from clients and their families is normally to do with the practicalities of remaining independent at home. Whilst many feel able to continue to look after themselves, tasks such as pushing the vacuum around or managing the laundry play on the mind. Having maintained the home throughout their lives and the sense of pride that accompanies that, an inability to continue handling such routine and mundane activities can manifest as a worry when faced with limited mobility, illness or injury.

Delivered as part of a personal or social care package, domestic care helps those for whom tasks such as vacuuming or laundry can be harder to manage. The word ‘care’ is often only associated with health and personal care but providing help around the home has a positive effect on both mental and physical wellbeing.

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