Office Team

Julie Storey – Care Services Director

Based at our head office in Worthing we have a dedicated team of care co-ordinators whose role is to organise the rotas and are the prime point of contact with customers, their families and our Care staff. They also liaise with West Sussex County Council to manage case load, take on new care packages and determine the best form of care delivery.

Our care co-ordinators are ably supported and assisted by our Team Leaders who carry out home assessments, reviews and quality checks. As well as managing the format and delivery of care, our Team Leaders are the daily link between our care workers and the office. They will deliver training, accompany carers on first visits and also manage any issues that can arise such as delays caused by traffic or the need to spend extra time with individual customers.

Away from the delivery of care, we also have a small finance, HR and administration team that keep the business end of Care2Connect moving. In particular, ensuring our payroll and invoicing are timely and accurate.